传感器 英文:传感器

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传感器 英文:传感器

Effector; Automatic observing system; sensor; immunosensor; piezoelectric biosensor; transducer; detector; snesors; Tranducer; sensing device; biosensor; nsor; structural board; Sensors; pick-off; Transmitter; meter; pick off; Generator; coupler; sensing unit; BOTDR; design; Transmitte; fiber Bragg grating; Cell; Sensitivity; electromagnetic induction; Capsule; humidity error; electrochemical sensor; agricultural machinery facility; the Sensor; Senor; Sens; electroluminace; C2H2; Chemical sensor; controller; intelligent sensor; cells; sensons; Gas sensor; chemical senser; ensors; Sensor materials; tactile sensor; ammonia sensor; load cell; sensing transducer; transducers; Partial Discharge; Sensory; Absolute calibration; probe; ultrasonic transducer; speed sensorless; pick up; Multisensor; Current sensor; transistor; senson; pick-up; Parity space; Tansducer; temperature sensor; diffusive sensor; ALL DIGITAL; transformer; Sensro; transd ucer; (measuring)transducer; Senser; Transmission Axle; snsr; sensitivity testing; Soot Sensor; intelligentization; KeywordSensor; trans-ducer; Camera Imaging; transductor; Sensor Element; Sense; sensrs; Sensd; Humidity; metallic membrane; Sensing; ensor; rectifier; Microimage; Micro-processor; gauge; portable; FBG sensors; chemiresistor; Sensor organ; Sensor Registration; software; fiber optic sensors; test sensor; accelerometer; Sensor measuring; Chemical Sensors; transmittance sensor; sense organ; Sensor node; DHT21; Hydrogen embrittlement; tarnsducer; pressure sensor; pickoff; Phase-modulation; Power Sensor; Optical fiber sensor; rubber tyres; pickoff; sensor mote; current-eddy sensor; motor sensor; Unit
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传感器 英文:传感器英语是什么意思 传感器英语在线翻译 传感器英语什么意思 传感器英语的意思 传感器英语的翻译 传感器英语的解释

1. 大家帮忙用英语帮我翻译下吧,有点多,呵呵中共预备党员外语水平以512分的成绩通过英语四级计算机水平已考二级C++,等待结果;熟练掌握办公软件特长爱好排球,羽毛球,音乐,电影,上网主修课程电路分析,模拟电子技术,数字电子技术,数据结构,信号与系统,电气测量技术与传感器,高频电子线路,数字信号处理,信息论与编码,通信原理,微机原理,自动控制原理,计算机应用基础A,计算机程序设计基础与VisualC++专业课程电机与拖动,传感器原理及应用,计算机网络,数据库原理与设计,现代通信技术,操作系统,单片机应用,计算机仿真,计算机图形学,数字图像处理学生工作经历大学一年级曾担任过学习委员,校演讲与口才协会会员,学院学生会成员。
The CPC party members prepared Foreign language to the level of 512 points through the results of English Grade 4 Computer secondary level examination C ++, waiting for the results; Skilled master office software Fortes love volleyball, badminton, music, movies, Internet Majoring courses circuit analysis, analog electronics, digital electronics, data structures, signals and systems, electrical measurement technology and sensors, high-frequency electronic circuits, digital signal processing, information theory and coding, communication theory, computer theory, control theory, computer application A foundation, the basis of a computer program designed with Visual C ++ Drive Motor and professional courses, Theory and Application of sensors, computer networks, database theory and design, modern communications technology, operating systems, SCM applications, computer simulation, computer graphics, digital image processing Students work experience his first year in college members who had been learning, school Yanjiangyukoucai members of the Association, the College Student Union members.
2. 本设计用HolliAs DCS控制系统,通过温度、压力传感器检测到相应得温度、液位信号,然后传送到HolliAs DCS 的模拟量输入端进行采样,得到相应得温度、水位高度值并按PID控制策略计算控制量的输出,从而实现对变压器、电动阀进行调节,接着应用组态软件FacView监控画面,提取相关的实时数据,从而实现对A3000过程控制实验系统的在线实时监控,并取得了良好的控制效果求助高手帮我译成英语谢谢阿
Originally design and use HolliAs DCS control system, measure to correspondingly temperature, liquid location signal through temperature, pressure transducer, then analog quantity input terminus to convey to HolliAs DCS go on, sample, receive getting corresponding temperature, water level height value and calculate output to control quantity according to PID control strategy, thus realize that regulates the voltage transformer, electronic valve, then employ the software FacVie of the configuration W controls the picture, draws the relevant real-time data, thus realize the control when the line is real to A3000 course control experimental system, have made the good control result Turn to the past master for help.
3. 基于UT变换的传感器航迹数据无偏转换浅析情感英语教学中换位思考的运用
Transform of Sensor Track Data Using Unscented Transformation The Humble Opinion on the Usage of Transpositional Thinking in the Emotional English Teaching
4. 传感器英语的反义词
4. 优化折衷教学法在小学英语教学中的应用传感器网络多路径传输效用-寿命折衷优化研究
The Application of Optimized Eclectic Approach to Primary School English Teaching; Optimal Utility-Lifetime Tradeoff in Wireless Sensor Networks with Multi-Path Routing
5. The one with the product developing experience for Industrial Products software development will 直线位移传感器产品研发工程师工作职责:1、负责直线位移传感器产品的研发 2、项目立项及总体方案的拟定 3、负责硬件系统设计任职要求:1、应用物理学、机械工程、电子技术、精密仪器、测量与控制等专业博士、硕士研究生毕业 2、具有独立承担并完成产品设计能力 3、熟练电子产品硬件设计,包括原理图设计、PCB布线 4、精通单片机设计,熟悉电磁学理论和应用者尤佳 5、优秀的英语能力,能够独立读写长篇技术文档,日常听说读写流利 6、能承受较大的工作压力 Responsibilities
Professional doctors, masters graduate of Applied physics, Mechanical engineering, electronic technology, precision instruments, measurement and control3、Proficiency in the electronics hardware design, including the elements design and PCB layout4、The one proficient in single-chip design, familiar with the electromagnetic theory and applications will be better5、Excellent English skills, be able to independently read and write lengthy technical documentation, With fluent ability of daily listening, speaking, reading and writing
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传感器 英文:光流传感器英文资料

  DescripTIon The ADNS-3080 is a high performance addiTIon to Avago Technologies’ popular ADNS family of opTIcal mouse sensors. The ADNS-3080 is based on a new, faster architecture with improved navigaTIon. The sensor is capable of sensing high speed mouse motion - up to 40 inches per second and acceleration up to 15g – for increased user precision and smoothness. The ADNS-3080 along with the ADNS-2120-001 trim lens, ADNS-2220-001 assembly clip and HLMP-EG3E-xxxxx led form a complete, compact optical mouse tracking system. There are no moving parts, which means high reliability and less maintenance for the end user. In addition, precision optical alignment is not required, facilitating high volume assembly. The sensor is programmed via registers through a four-wire serial port. It is packaged in a 20-pin staggered dual inline package (DIP).

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传感器 英文:汽车所有传感器与英文缩写




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